Shikellamy students honored by city council, mayor for rescuing trapped teacher

Alyssa Keeley, 15, a sophomore, Macy Carper, 18, a senior, Brianna Hennett, 15, a freshman, stand with Sunbury Mayor Kurt Karlovich at the City Council meeting Monday night after receiving the Caring Award.

SUNBURY — Three Shikellamy track athletes are now recipients of the Caring Award after Sunbury City Council honored the girls for saving the life of a former district teacher.

Macy Carper, 18, a senior, Brianna Hennett, 15, a freshman, and Alyssa Keeley, 15, a sophomore, were all honored in front of a crowd of 65 people, including Shikellamy Superintendent Jason Bendle, High School Principal Marc Freeman and School directors Scott Karpinski and Jennifer Wetzel.

Karlovich explained to the crowd former district teacher Anne Hollenbach got accidentally pinned in by her car door while at the automatic car wash at the Flood Zone Car Wash on S. Front Street on Jan. 24.

The girls heard Hollenbach screaming for help and ran to her rescue by jumping in the vehicle and freeing the former teacher.

Hollenbach, who taught special education, was not at the meeting but said she was thankful to the students.

"Their parents should be proud that they taught them to recognize a person in need of help," she said. "These young ladies acted courageously in their response."

The girls received a standing ovation from city council and crowd as they took their awards.

"This was an amazing thing these girls have done and we are proud of them," Karlovich said. "We are so glad they are here with us tonight."

Bendle said he was happy the girls continue to get recognition for what they did.

“This was a heroic act and we are just so proud of them,” he said.

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