SELINSGROVE — The Selinsgrove Intermediate School students honored veterans and their families in a fourth annual Veteran's Day Assembly Thursday afternoon in the middle school auditorium.

Stacy Gasteiger, a fifth-grade teacher, and organizer of the event, said 50 to 60 veterans were invited to attend by their grandchildren and children who are students at the intermediate school.

American Legion Post 25 of Selinsgrove served as the color guard, while the entire fifth-grade class, positioned on stage, sang The Star Spangled Banner, along with the audience.

One of the more touching moments at the event was the reading of letters written to veterans by fifth-graders.

"Thank you for risking your life for our country," said Madeline LaBrec. "Your service to our country will always be greatly appreciated by all across America."

Emma Van Horn thanked veterans "for all you have done. You have been put far away from your family just to fight for our country....if it wasn't for you, we might not be here today. You gave our country freedom."

Sofiya Lucas also thanked veterans. "Thank you for being ready to put your life in danger for us. Some of your children and grandchildren would not be here if it was not for you. I am here to say thank you for your service."

But Xandria Duignan summed it up, saying, "You have done so much for our country, and today is all about you. You have sacrificed time with your loved ones for us. 

"You have a heart full of love,"Duignan said, "and pushed yourself for us. We will honor you today because you have done more than we can ask."

Following the letter-reading, the attending veterans stood up, said where they served and acknowledged their children and grandchildren in the audience.

"To me, this is the best moment of the assembly," Gasteiger said. "The connection between student and the veterans. It's a very emotional time for me, and I'm sure for the students."

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