Council OKs $2,500 feasibility study for potential police headquarters

Robert Inglis/The Daily Item The Sunbury City Council held their regular meeting on Monday evening in which they discussed a variety of topics including a new police station.

SUNBURY — A new proposal would determine the feasibility of rehabilitating the Sunbury Police Department station.

Councilman Josh Brosious wants a feasibility study to be conducted at 440 Market St., the current home of the police station.

This proposal was suggested two weeks after City Council voted 4-1 in favor of spending $2,500 for a feasibility study at an Arch Street location for a new police station.

"I just think we owe it to our taxpayers to make sure that nothing can be done in that location," Brosious said. "I am here for the taxpayers and I don't want to vote to spend any more money than we have to."

Last meeting, Councilman Jim Eister announced he, Councilmen Rick Reichner and Chris Reis spoke with the family of the late Jesse Wooding, who owns 337 Arch St., and the family members have made an offer to the city to purchase the structure.

Council would not disclose what the offer was, but less than two years ago, the purchase price of the building was $275,000.

Eister made a motion to have the study done on the 4,900 square feet one-floor structure.

He said he would use money out of his parks and recreation budget to pay for the study. Brosious, who is in charge of the street department, said he wants to use the money he has in his department to pay for the study as well.

"I believe this won't hurt to get a full report on what can be done," Brosious said.

Reis said he would be in favor of the study but did not want to stop looking for the $1 million funding for the city-owned storage garage at 441 Chestnut St.

Council approved Treasurer Kevin Troup to look for loans or grants that would cover the $1 million funding needed for the storage garage.

Council has already voted unanimously to proceed with looking at various loan rates and grants to the price tag of $1.5 million for the Chestnut Street property.

Treasurer Kevin Troup said a $1.5 million loan would cost about $55,000 per year and that it should not raise taxes in the city.

Council meets tonight at 6:15 p.m. inside City Hall. 

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