Thousands line streets for Sunbury Halloween parade

Bubbles shoot from the Knoebel Amusement Resort's float during the Sunbury Halloween Parade in 2018.

SUNBURY — The Sunbury Halloween parade is off until 2021 but the Sunbury Fire Police are working on hosting a non-traditional event for residents.

City Administrator Jody Ocker said the Fire Police are working with the city fire department on working out details of having a drive-by and walk through candy giveaway this year.

'Unfortunately with COVID-19 we are not able to have the traditional Halloween parade so council, the mayor, fire police and the fire department are all working together to come up with some creative ways to still be able to deliver Halloween fun to the children," she said. 

The plan being discussed is closing Walnut Street from 10th to 4th Street and have the fire department and various vendors and organizations line the streets and walk up to vehicles and deliver pre-packaged candy, Ocker said.

Police Chief Brad Hare told council he believes closing Walnut Street from 10th to 4th streets would work best to keep traffic moving and allow for several different vendors to give treats to the children.

Ocker and Hare both agreed that not all residents have vehicles so they are working with the fire police and fire departments to figure out a game plan for those on foot.

"We understand not everyone can drive by so council is giving the fire police various options," Ocker said. "We want to be able to give the children a fun Halloween and still be able to keep everyone socially distanced."

Councilman Jim Eister agreed and said he wants to see children get as much of a normal Halloween as possible.

"The fire police and fire departments always do a great job for us," he said. "This year will be no different and we will all figure out a way to make this happen." 

As for Halloween night and trick or treating in the city, Ocker said she reminds all residents to stay safe and to remain socially distanced. 

Ocker said the city will be releasing more information in the coming days.  

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