LEWISBURG — One of three suspects accused in a rash of burglaries and criminal mischief in the Lewisburg area at the start of 2019 pleaded guilty to eight criminal counts Tuesday in Union County Court.

Tyler J. Bickhart, 19, of Winfield, pleaded guilty to eight counts of theft. A plea deal with the District Attorney’s Office calls for a sentence of consecutive periods of probation and restitution. The remaining 40 charges against him would be dismissed under the terms of the deal.

Bickhart, Wayne Conroy, 21, of Montandon, and a juvenile were arrested in January by Buffalo Valley Regional Police. They were accused of stealing three firearms, $1,600 cash, sunglasses, bank cards and checks and other belongings from unlocked vehicles overnight Jan. 6.

At least 11 people reported thefts related to the incident, according to arrest papers.

Police said the defendants also pelted one person’s vehicle with eggs inside and out, wrapped Christmas lights around the wheels of a vehicle, and ripped a mailbox from the ground before stuffing it into the back of a sport utility vehicle.

Conroy’s case remains pending in Union County Court.

Bickhart and Conroy were arrested in August for similar crimes committed in Snyder County last December.

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