SUNBURY — Two of the 41 city nuisance properties are now off the list after Sunbury Redevelopment officials announced Monday night the owners have fixed the issues.

Attorney Mike Kula, of Sunbury, spoke on behalf of the redevelopment authority and asked council to remove 45 S. 10th St., and 722 Catawissa Ave. after the properties had been brought back to code.

"This is good news," Kula told City Council. "The property owners have done a great job."

Kula also told council that at least 80 percent of the owners listed on the now 39 property list are working toward fixing the structures to bring back to code.

"I want you to tell the redevelopment authority members they are doing a great job," Councilman Rick Reichner said. "This is great news, and we are happy to hear this."

City Council also voted to accept the property at 245-247 Penn St., after the owner signed over control of the property to the city. The home was demolished in March after it began to collapse last year.

Councilman Chris Reis asked council what the plans are for properties of which the city takes control.

Councilman Jim Eister said the city is in better shape to take care of them and get them ready to be resold.

Council also voted to release $102,895 of a grant the city received from the state toward the Albright Center. Albright Council member Bob Zimmerman told council the board is using the money for an architect to redesign the building on Chestnut St.

Albright board member John Shipman said the group only has a preliminary drawing but in the next several weeks they will be able to reveal what the plans are for the redesigning.

Council meets again on Aug. 26 inside City Hall at 6:15 p.m. 



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