DANVILLE — Two Danville residents were sentenced to six to 12 months in county jail after apologizing in Montour County Court for their roles in risking a catastrophe and manufacturing methamphetamine with a child present during a fire that destroyed a Danville double home last year. 

Christie Boesch, of the state attorney general's office in Allentown who prosecuted the case, said the explosion of one-pot meth destroyed the home at 321 Chamber St. and heavily damaged the other part of the double home at 325 Chamber St. May 21. She said the 16-year-old son of Nikki K. Doebler, who appeared Wednesday in front of Columbia County President Judge Thomas James.  

Doebler apologized to the court and county officials and was sentenced to six to 12 months in county jail. She also received five years of probation. She is set to report to jail on Aug. 2

Michael Mowrer Jr., 35, also appeared before James and received the same sentence.

Mowrer also apologized to the court and county officials and said he has since changed his life around and wanted to pay his debt to society for his actions.

According to police, witnesses said Mowrer, of Wall Street, was covered in flames in the home where police said they were cooking meth. He fled after extinguishing the flames on himself and was hospitalized.

The explosion destroyed that section of the double home and caused heavy smoke and water damage to the other part of the home at 325 Chamber St., where grandparents and their granddaughter lived. The double home has since been demolished.

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