LEWISBURG — Bucknell University President John Bravman announced in an email to staff Tuesday that the university is proposing to re-forest “a major portion of the sloping front lawn between Malesardi Quadrangle and Moore Avenue.”

Bravman likened it to the grove between Loomis Avenue and Taylor and Roberts halls, the email states.

The Board of Trustees asked Bravman to begin planning the transformation — one that would take years since mature trees won’t be transplanted, according to the email.

“This proposal aligns with the strategic plan's priority for environmental sustainability, in that it contributes to such things as carbon sequestration, reduction of chemical runoff from the current lawn, and improved biodiversity. Done right, a grove-like area will also be one that offers a place for contemplation and reflection, ADA compatible pathways, gathering spots for small groups, etc.,” Bravman wrote in the email.


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