The Union County Sportsmen Club will no longer house bears and must pay $1,700 to the U.S. Department of Agriculture relating to non-compliance, according to the USDA. 

The Union County Sportsmen's Club had been in a battle with the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals for the past two years over Dillan, a morbidly obese Asiatic black bear, which was formally housed at the club, in Millmont,

PETA officials eventually got its way and the bear was moved to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado.

However, PETA continued its attack on the club with months of ad campaigns and multiple media releases about what they believed was the club's neglect of the bear. On Nov. 11, the USDA issued a $1,700 penalty and banned the club from housing any more bears. The agreement between the club and the USDA does not specifically name Dillan, but says the club had several violations.  

The settlement specifically prohibits the club from ever again possessing bears or bobcats. If it fails to comply, it could ultimately lose its federal license to exhibit any animals, according to the USDA.

PETA officials now say it has provided authorities with documentation taken by concerned citizens at the Sportsmen's Club showing an obese raccoon, a bird enclosure containing an excessive accumulation of feces, enclosures that lacked necessary perching for birds, and a bird with a severely overgrown beak.

The Union County Sportsmen Club did not return calls for comment.  

"No bear will endure years of misery and wanton neglect at the Union County Sportsmen's Club ever again," said Brittany Peet, PETA Foundation deputy general counsel for Captive Animal Law Enforcement. "The USDA has taken an important step in the right direction, and PETA will keep pushing for this bear's abusers to be held accountable and stopped from hurting any other animal."

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