Warrior Run Middle/High School

TURBOTVILLE — The Warrior Run School Board voted Monday night to resume five day-a-week in-person learning starting March 1.

"We've been moving in this direction," said District Superintendent Alan Hack. "As we've come off the Christmas holidays we've done this gradual return. Going to a hybrid model in January, keeping our COVID numbers down. In February, we tried to go back to a full in-person four days a week but Mother Nature had different plans."

Mondays were still virtual days in February while the others were in-person, Hack continued.

"We know the students are really struggling to maintain the levels of engagement that they need," Hack added. "So we are at that point. Hopefully the next several months we can get through the full in-person. Our case counts are well below what they were prior to Thanksgiving. So hopefully this is sustainable moving into March."

For the last third of the year, Hack said, "We want 'em back. And we're ready."

Board member Danelle Reinsburrow, said that essentially with the vote today, "we are saying that we understand that given the current climate and the COVID situation in our area, we feel comfortable moving to a five day-a-week in-person. But my understanding is we are going to continue to monitor things and if something should present itself as posing a risk to our students or our community we can revisit this return to school in an effort to make sure that our students, staff, families, parents are safe. Their safety is paramount."

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