The scariest aspect of Thursday’s Sunbury Halloween Parade wasn’t the ghouls or monsters marching through the city, but the strong winds.

“The wind is challenging,” said David Moyer, a member of the Sunbury City Church.

Moyer and his crew were fixing damage from the wind done to the church’s Monsters Inc.-inspired float at the assembly area — near Shikellamy High School — before the start of the parade.

Michelle Hart, a Sunbury resident, had the wind on her mind while she prepared food and hot chocolate outside her 10th Street home for anybody to partake in during the parade.

“That [the wind] could stop anytime. I’m afraid my napkins will blow away,” Hart said with a laugh.

She plugged in a warmer filled with hot dogs wrapped in croissant dough which gave them the appearance of mummies.

While the wind did cause a little havoc at the start, people still came out to watch the parade. With the most common reason for attending being that it’s fun.

Moyer said volunteers have been building floats for the Sunbury City Church for four or five years and they try every year to do a better one than the last.

“It’s fun for the group and it’s team building,” he said. “It’s fun to be a light in a parade focused on darkness.”

For Hart, she likes helping people and has been preparing food for the parade for 10 years.

“I just like doing stuff for people," she said. "I have fun doing it.”

Kathaleen Persing, the wife of former city mayor David Persing, still volunteers to help out during the parade because of how much fun it is.

“This is one of the really fun things to do," she said. "I still like to be a part of the community."

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