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A woman in the United Kingdom recently gave birth to twins that were, technically, conceived three weeks apart from each other.

The twins were the product superfetation, a rare phenomenon in which another egg is fertilized after a woman has already become pregnant.

USA Today reports how Rebecca Roberts received quite the shock when doctors told her how she was expecting not one, but two babies 12 weeks into her pregnancy. In fact, the children's clothing designer admitted that, upon hearing the news, she was shaking so hard she could barely walk.

Roberts's reaction is quite understandable, especially given how near to impossible the occurrence of superfetation is.

Dr. Lisa Thiel, a maternal fetal medicine specialist at Spectrum Health in Michigan, explains to USA Today, "The reason this [superfetation] is so rare is because hormones are released by the woman's body to prevent further ovulation and a thick mucus is created at the cervix to prevent any further sperm from entering the uterus at that time."

It would appear that, in Roberts's case, that last bodily measure against further pregnancy wasn't exactly effective. Now she's officially one of the confirmed cases of superfetation in the history of medicine.

Weirdly enough, though, this isn't the first time over the past year that this "spontaneous pregnancy" has made headlines. It was reported back in December how another woman on TikTok announced she, too, was notified that she had conceived a third child while already pregnant with twins.

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