Mahoning Township police are alerting people to a scam involving the Federal Trade Commission.

A township resident got a call Wednesday from an individual claiming to represent the Federal Trade Commission. informing the resident their Social Security number was used in drug trafficking in Central and South America. The caller had information on potential family members to further attempt to obtain the resident's personal information, according to police.

The caller reported to the resident that local police had an active warrant for the resident's arrest. Another caller, claiming to be part of the Mahoning Township Police Department, contacted the resident about the warrant. That caller, identifying herself as Amy Ham, asked the resident to purchase Google Play cards in lieu of being arrested. The resident then determined the call was a scam and hung up, Mahoning Township Officer Jason Bedisky said.

Police are advising the public to use caution with unknown callers and to withhold the release of personal information by phone. Requesting gift cards as payment to satisfy legal requirements is always an indication the call is bogus, police said.

Bedisky advised people receiving similar calls to simply hang up the phone and report the incident to their local police department.

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