SHAMOKIN — A screaming and yelling 43-year-old Valley man cocked and pointed a large semi-automatic pistol at a Coal Township woman in a driveway dispute, then worked the slide of the Ruger at a father holding his 1-year-old son with children in a nearby playground, Coal Township police report.

Christopher Ptaszynski, of 660 Center St., Shamokin, is charged with two misdemeanor counts of simple assault and disorderly conduct and is scheduled to appear for a preliminary arraignment June 2 in front of Shamokin District Judge John Gembic.

Brian Elliot, the father of the child, was cited with a summary offense of disorderly conduct.

According to the criminal complaint, Coal Township patrolmen Joshua M. Wynn and Edward Purcell responded to the Tharptown Playground for a report of a male, later identified by as Ptaszynski, making threats with a gun at 4:15 p.m. April 18. Upon arrival, officers saw the 911 caller and other people standing by the northeast corner of the playground, and they directed the officers to 660 Center St., where the man went.

A few children still were playing on the equipment behind the adults, police said.

Ptaszynski was ordered to leave the home without a gun and with his hands up. One officer waited with the unarmed man while the other went to talk to witnesses and gather information.

Mallary Shingara, who called 911, said Ptaszynski started yelling at she, her boyfriend, Brian Elliot, friend, Amanda Sweeney, and three children ages 8, 1 and three weeks, saying they could not park in a spot next to the playground. She told him they were unloading the children, but he continued to scream at her.

Ptaszynski allegedly went up to them with a big silver gun, cocked it and pointed it directly at her and her son. Elliot made a move toward him and everyone started yelling, so Shingara said she was calling the police and Ptaszynski went back inside the house, officers said.

In another interview, Elliot told police that Ptaszynski told them to get off the property or he would make them get off. Elliot said he told the man to make him, and Ptaszynski started waving the gun in the air and cocked the gun, police said.

Elliot said he was holding his 1-year-old son during the incident, police reported.

Amanda Sweeney said a woman was yelling to get off the property and Shingara or Elliot yelled that they were just unloading kids. Ptaszynski allegedly gave them a minute to get off the property and then pulled out a gun. The woman was yelling, “I told you so, I told you so,” police reported.

Ptaszynski voluntarily turned over an unloaded Ruger P90 .45 ACP to Wynn. The officer said there were rounds in the magazine, which was not in the handgun.

Ptaszynski told police he heard the vehicle pull up in front of his house in his driveway. He opened a window and saw the truck. He said he yelled out the window that it was private property and asked if they saw the no-parking sign, police said.

Ptaszynski said Shingara said they were just getting the kids out of the truck, and he replied that was fine as long as they moved the truck.

He told police that Elliot stepped out of the truck and called him a name and told him to come down to the street if he had a problem, so Ptaszynski did, police said.

With a gun in his waistband, Ptaszynski went outside to a yelling Elliot and told him to calm down. Elliot started running at him, so he pulled out his gun and pointed it in the air and worked the slide.

Ptaszynski then went inside and called the police because so many people were yelling and on his property.

Andrea Passaretti, Ptaszynski’s girlfriend, corroborated her boyfriend’s story, police reported.

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