LEWISBURG — U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser on Friday morning called the federal infrastructure proposal good, but not great.

The Republican congressman who represents Pennsylvania’s ninth congressional district was the keynote speaker at the Greater Susquehanna Valley’s Rise and Shine Legislative Breakfast at Country Cupboard in Lewisburg on Friday morning. Meuser offered his praises and criticisms of the nearly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure plan.

“It’s a good initiative, it’s a good bill I’m supportive of,” said Meuser to dozens of chamber members. “It’s not great. There’s some things in it I could argue against.”

Under the proposal, Pennsylvania is slated to received between $15 and $16 billion over a five-year period.

“That’s game-changing money for our infrastructure,” said Meuser. “Which is important for our transportation, for our infrastructure, and for our revitalization efforts. That’s very important to me. Revitalization of our small rural cities and our larger cities.”

The funds for Pennsylvania are “essential” for transportation, infrastructure, revitalization, courts and airports, the congressman said.

“I was all for it during the Trump administration,” said Meuser. “I even said to my Republican colleagues: ‘Why would I be against it now?’ Granted, we had a lot of spending that took place, but we’re falling behind on our infrastructure.”

Modernizing highways systems, building High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes, establishing public-private partnerships and introducing passenger rall are items Meuser said he supports.

Meuser criticized a plan to hire a million people over five years to be a part of the Civilian Climate Corps, which he called “not the best idea” for the federal government to hire so many people. He also criticized a proposal for free community college and “Green New Deal string attached.”

“There are certain things that are nice, but there are certain things that are economically feasible,” said Meuser. “We really need to start thinking about economic feasibility in many of these decisions.”

Tracie Witter, the regional affairs director of event sponsor PPL Electric Utilities, thanked Meuser for his involvement in a bipartisan group of House lawmakers, dubbed the “Problem Solvers Caucus.”

“PPL has supported that bipartisan caucus that is helping with the infrastructure bill,” said Witter. “We are particularly interested in the cyber security details within as well as funding for researching low-carbon initiative and also broadband.”

Meuser said he was recruited for the Problem Solvers Caucus because of his business background. He said the group is designed to move the country forward.

“We compromise,” he said. “It’s not all or nothing.”

Samuel Ryder, of First National Bank, said he appreciated Meuser’s desire to work in a bipartisan manner.

“He painted a picture of more bipartisanship that I don’t hear or read about,” said Ryder. “I hope it’s true.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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