Midd-West High School

Midd-West High School.

MIDDLEBURG — Midd-West School District will resume in-person instruction after the Thanksgiving break.

The school board agreed Monday if there are no more COVID-19 outbreaks in the district to resume in-person instruction at all of the schools in December.

Currently, the district is allowing in-person instruction only at the Middleburg and West Snyder Elementary schools. Students in the High and Middle schools are learning remotely through the holiday.

The district closed the three buildings in Middleburg on Nov. 2 for two weeks when several students tested positive for COVID-19.

"No one to my knowledge has had to be hospitalized," Superintendent Rick Musselman said.

On Monday, Middleburg Elementary resumed in-person instruction. 

The elementary school in Beaver Springs has had no cases and has remained open all year.

Board directors also discussed how to proceed with winter sports that get underway soon.

Several members, including Christopher Nesbit, recommended allowing students to participate in athletics.

"Let kids play," he said.

Director Terry Boonie agreed.

"Do it on a case by case basis as long as we can," he said.

Director Justin Haynes was troubled by the board's decision to allow students to engage in sports while closing school buildings amid the pandemic.

"We're asking for trouble," he said, noting that closing schools to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 while allowing sports to continue during the pandemic as positive cases are on the rise "sends the wrong message. "If we're closing schools for safety ... I struggle with it."

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