Gary McNeir casts his vote Tuesday at the Northumberland borough building.

Elections results in Northumberland County were unable to be fully counted on Tuesday night after poll workers in 20 precincts in the northern end of the county had difficulty closing down the machines, according to county Board of Elections Chief Registrar Nathan Savidge.

“No votes are lost, all the machines are secure,” said Savidge. “We’re still dealing with new machines and the poll workers faced difficulty in the closing process.”

As of 11 p.m. Fifty-seven of 74 precincts were counted on Tuesday night. The remaining 17 will be collected and counted as soon as possible, said Savidge.

Savidge said he and Assistant Chief Registrar Lindsay Phillips will be physically visiting these last remaining polling stations to help the poll workers with the closing process.

The northern end of the county, including races in Northumberland and Milton, did not have full results on Tuesday night. The four countywide races will not have full results either.

In November, the county machines experienced jamming issues in several precincts. Savidge said the jamming issues were addressed by Elections Systems and Software and were not a problem in this election.

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