SUNBURY — Northumberland County’s full-time, non-union employees could receive a 3 percent pay raise this year, if the issue is put to a vote.

Money has been set aside in the 2011 budget to cover 3 percent raises for 136 nonbargaining employees, but Chairman Frank Sawicki appears to be on the fence about releasing the funds.

“The money is in the budget, but money is tight. We’ve got to be fair, but we also have to be fair to taxpayers,” he said.

Commissioners Vinny Clausi, a Democrat, and Merle Phillips, a Republican, said they want to give the raises out of fairness to all employees.

Both referred to pay hikes given out to union employees, the bulk of the county’s personnel.

“I believe they deserve the pay increase, just like the union employees,” Clausi said.

Phillips said the cost of handing out 3 percent raises to 136 employees will amount to about $67,000 due to state reimbursements.

“It’s in the budget. Why should one segment of government get raises and the other segment be ignored?” he asked.

Sawicki declined to say how he would vote on the issue.

The salary board is scheduled to meet today at 1 p.m., although the pay raise for non-union employees is not on the agenda.

Last year, non-union employees who earned up to $25,000 a year received a $2,000 pay increase, and employees who earned more than $25,000 a year got a 3 percent increase.

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