A spokesman for Immigration and Customs Enforcement on Friday said Dr. Pedro Servano and his wife, Salvacion -- the Selinsgrove couple who will soon be deported to the Philippines -- have been given a fair shake through the immigration court system.

While ICE spokesman Michael Gilhooly wouldn't discuss the specifics of the Servanos' pending deportation, he did tell say "the Servanos have had all due process from the immigration court system."

Meanwhile, relatives remain hopeful the Servanos will be granted a reprieve.

Christina DeHaven, a niece of the Servanos who teaches film at New York University, said the family is maintaining its optimism.

"We're still hopeful, regardless," she said Friday night. "We're hoping to get word from (U.S.) Sen. (Arlen) Specter's office."

The Servanos must report to Allenwood Federal Prison Complex on Friday to begin deportation proceedings. Whether they're spared now rests in the hands of U.S. Sens. Specter and Robert Casey, who could introduce a private bill staying the Servanos' deportation.

Ms. DeHaven said the Servanos and their lawyers are now in the process of filing for help from both U.S. senators.

The only other person who could prevent the Servanos from being deported to the Philippines -- a country they haven't lived in for decades and in which they have no family -- is the director of the Department of Homeland Security.

Ms. DeHaven said: "We appreciate that everyone is concerned for (the Servanos). We just aren't sure it will guarantee a positive outcome."

Mr. Gilhooly said the Servanos likely won't be detained on Nov. 23. He couldn't discuss specifics, but said if they are detained at all, it would be at a facility other than Allenwood Federal Prison Complex.

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