Harold David Haulman

Francis Scarcella/The Daily Item Harold David Haulman, III, 43, is escorted into a preliminary hearing in Drums in May. He pleaded guilty Wednesday to killing two women, including a McClure woman in 2018.

A homeless man accused of killing four people, including women from McClure and Bloomsburg, told authorities he was unsure if he would have killed again if he hadn’t been caught, according to court documents.

Investigators from Michigan say Harold David Haulman III, 43, also researched serial killers, Hannibal Lector and “Silence of the Lambs,” according to court documents.

Haulman was arrested earlier this year for the murders of McClure resident Tianna Phillips, 25, who went missing in 2018, and Bloomsburg resident Erica Shultz, 26, who went missing late last year.

During the course of interviews with former Bloomsburg state trooper Shawn Williams, now a Luzerne County Detective, Haulman spoke about a third murder, involving, Ashley Parlier, 21, of Battle Creek, Michigan, in 2005, police said.

Williams contacted Michigan authorities and when Calhoun County Detective John Pignataro arrived in Pennsylvania he spoke with Haulman, who according to court documents, admitted to murdering Parlier and Joseph Whitehurst, in Ramstein, Germany, in 1999.

Haulman told authorities he killed Whitehurst because he “wanted to know,” police said. “It was the biggest rush I ever felt,” Haulman told police. “Like your whole body. To this day I don’t know how many times I hit him and then I was gone.”

When asked what homicide Haulman remembers most, Haulman stated, “all of them, I remember in great detail what I did to them,” according to court documents.

Police said Haulman also used Google to search grave robbing and statute of limitations.

Haulman said he didn’t want to kill Phillips but wanted to do it, according to court documents. Haulman said that the killing of Shultz, was “like a day in the park,” police said. Haulman told authorities that it was possible he would have murdered again if he hadn’t been caught, according to court documents.

Haulman said he struck Parlier several times in the head, removed his bloody clothing and then watched her for a couple of minutes before realizing she was dead, then he took a shower, according to police. Haulman said he disposed of her clothing at his then place of employment and followed up on the case through the years, police said.

Like the case of Phillips, Haulman admitted to going back to the location in Michigan to see where he said he disposed of the body, and all he found were “bones,” according to police.

In May, Luzerne County Assistant District Attorney Dan Zola, who is prosecuting the cases of Phillips and Shultz, described Haulman as a “serial killer who had been removed from the streets.”

Williams said Haulman beat Phillips with a hammer and stabbed her with a knife, then disposed of the body in a Columbia County dumpster in 2018.

On Dec. 6, 2020, relatives reported Shultz missing to the Bloomsburg Police Department. During that investigation, law enforcement learned Shultz was in contact with Haulman when Williams interviewed Haulman’s wife, Anne Haulman.

Anne Haulman told police that her husband was also involved with Phillips, according to court documents. Anne Haulman told investigators Haulman and Phillips were seeing each other and that he became irate when she confronted him about the situation, police said.

Haulman will next appear in Luzerne County court for an extradition hearing so he can be returned to Michigan to be arraigned on the Parlier murder charge.

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