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BEAVERTOWN — A Beavertown man who was seriously injured more than three years ago when his girlfriend shot him after he shoved pizza in her face is in jail for physically assaulting the woman.

Brandon E. Doan is being held in lieu of $300,000 at Snyder County jail on felony charges related to the Tuesday assault on Jennifer A. Boop, 35, in their Adams Township, Snyder County home, state police at Selinsgrove said.

Boop told police that Doan dragged her by her ankles from the bed to the floor, sprayed her with water from a hose he brought into the house and then bound her hands with duct tape, court records said.

As Boop lay on her stomach, she said, Doan put one hand over her mouth and pinched her nose until she lost consciousness. According to court records, Doan also squeezed her neck with his knees and was kicking Boop in the head and neck when she awoke.

Trooper Kyle Whitford reported seeing bruises and red marks on Boop's face, neck, arms, wrist and body at Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg where she went for treatment.

Doan was arraigned on felony aggravated assault and strangulation and misdemeanor unlawful restraint and simple assault. He's being held in custody on bail pending a preliminary hearing before District Judge Lori Hackenberg.

Boop served a county jail sentence in 2017 for shooting Doan in the chest during an argument in their home. He admitted "gently" pushing a slice of pizza in her face before the shooting and asked for leniency at her sentencing.

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