WASHINGTONVILLE — State troopers used a rope to secure a combative 25-year-old Milton man whose blood-alcohol content was nearly three times the legal limit as he drove a lawn tractor and carried a box of beer along a Montour County highway on July 13, court documents state.

Tyler O. Anspach, who has three drunken driving convictions in the past 10 years and whose driver’s license is suspended, also threatened a trooper after he was apprehended driving his yellow and white Cub Cadet lawn tractor to a friend’s house near Limestone Road and Hagenbuch Loop in Limestone Township.

Police were called at 9:37 that night about an agitated man making threats and driving a lawn mower along the road.

Trooper Maxwell Andres, of the Milton station, arrived and saw Anspach standing in the road holding a box of beer. Anspach, of 2138 Broadway, told Andres he was attempting to go home when the trooper pulled up.

Andres could smell alcohol on Anspach and observed him stumble as he walked, according to court documents. Anspach, who had slurred and slow speech, told the trooper he was driving the lawn mower to a friend’s house.

He became uncooperative and combative, failed to comply with the trooper’s commands, and was taken into custody after two other troopers arrived, according to court documents.

Anspach became passive-resistant and had to be carried to the state police cruiser.

His alcohol level was recorded at 0.212 percent.

Upon leaving the state police station to be transported to Union County Jail, Anspach continued to be aggressive, police said. He indicated that Andres better watch his back and said, “I am going to (expletive deleted) kill you.”

While he was being transported to jail, he began to kick the center divider glass and scream in the cruiser.

Police said he has had three DUI convictions in the last 10 years.

Andres charged him with driving while under the influence of alcohol, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, not having a registration and certificate of title, driving while his license is suspended or revoked, not having financial responsibility and careless driving.

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