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MILTON — A Milton man fired a gun out of a third story window at individuals on Myrtle Street, according to borough police.

Stanley Griffin Jr. faces multiple gun charges after an incident on 124 Myrtle Street on Friday evening that included emergency reports of a gun being fired and of several people yelling in the street.

Officers spoke to several individuals who were directing police toward a male who was observed in a third story window. Police said they were told the man was the shooter and that he had fired a single shot toward the street.

Officers gave commands for the suspect to remain where he was and to keep his hands out the window, police said.

When officers entered the home they said they discovered a black pistol and two loaded magazines laying on the floor near Griffin.

Griffin was taken into custody without incident and transported to the Milton Police Department.

Police said during the investigation they discovered a male and female were at the scene but had departed prior to officers arriving.

The male and female were located and told officers they had been at the Myrtle Street home earlier in the evening and were moving some belongings out of the house.

The male and female had come back for a second time to remove additional belongings when Griffin appeared out of the window and had a handgun pointed in their direction, police said.

The male was reported to have been seated in the car while the female was out of the car, police said.

The female took a step toward the sidewalk when she told officers Griffin discharged a single round from the handgun in the vicinity, they were in, police said.

Neither were injured, police said.

Police said multiple items of drug paraphernalia and suspected marijuana were also seized during this investigation.

Griffin was transported to Northumberland County Jail and awaits arraignment.