SHAMOKIN — City police say Shamokin District Judge John Gembic was attempting to secure a vehicle that was driven by a woman who was allegedly under the influence of alcohol when, officers said, she slugged him in the mouth.

Shamokin officer Ray Siko said Kim Dornsife, 46, of Shamokin, allegedly slammed into Gembic's stopped vehicle Saturday at the intersection of 9th and Independence streets, during the city's annual Cruise Night.

"I wanted to make sure everyone, including Miss Dornsife was safe," Gembic said Monday. "There were hundreds of people, including children standing around."

Gembic said he hold's no ill will toward Dornsife for the incident.

Siko said after the accident occurred, Gembic attempted to stop the woman from driving away. Gembic said the woman got out of her vehicle and began to argue with him.

Gembic got out of his vehicle and raced around the woman who was returning to her car, got inside her vehicle and removed her keys while the car was still running and in the drive position, according to Gembic.

Gembic then exited the vehicle and walked over to people who were standing by to make sure no one was injured and that's when police said Dornsife punched Gembic in the face.

Gembic said there was no way he was going to be responsible for allowing the woman to drive away after what he observed, he said. Gembic said he was not sure whether she was intoxicated or suffering from a medical issue.

Siko said Dornsife was taken for blood work and charges are pending those results, including assault.

Siko said he interviewed multiple witnesses at the scene who confirmed Gembic’s story.

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