DANVILLE — A Danville man lied about stealing Coricidin and milk from supermarkets, police said.

Patrolman Jacob Walker charged Sean Cote, 18, of 63 Fisher Court, with unsworn falsification to authorities for an incident March 1 at the Danville Weis Markets and Giant Foods. Police said Cote didn’t take the items.

Police saw Justin Pegg with two quarts of milk and he admitted taking them. He said he was homeless and moves from house-to-house.

Police patted down Cote and Cassandra Padula, finding several packages of red pills in silver packs on Padula.

When asked why she had the pills, Cote said he had a hole in his jacket so she held onto them.

At that time, Cote said he and Pegg stole the pills from Weis and took the milk from Giant.

The pills were valued at $4.49 and the milk at $1.72 per quart.

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