Playground damage

Photo provided by Fritz Heinemann

A portion of the area surrounding the new all-inclusive playground in Selinsgrove was damaged over the weekend.

Ten days before the official unveiling of the new All-Inclusive Playground at East Snyder Park in Penn Township, volunteer Pete DeWire is cleaning up damage from vehicles driving over the recently landscaped property.

DeWire spent hours Saturday working at the site where a baseball game was later held.

"Somebody drove on the end of the property we had just finished," he said, adding he doesn't believe it was a deliberate act of vandalism.

Fritz Heinemann, president of the Andy Russel Charitable Foundation that raised the $475,000 to develop the 9,600-square-foot all-inclusive playground, said Dewire has been working diligently to get the property finished before the Thursday, July 18 ribbon-cutting ceremony.

"It's annoying," Heinemann said of the extra work needed to be done because of the vehicle damage that will require more dirt and 50 pounds of grass seed to repair.

DeWire said many have been aiding in the opening of the playground that will accommodate all physical needs, including DB Construction of Selinsgrove and Swartz Ultimate Collision Repair of Winfield which will be sending volunteers to help in the last-minute landscaping efforts.

"We are struggling to get things done. This is a community effort," said DeWire.

Interested volunteers may contact DeWire at 570-259-1838.