Lewisburg businesses clean and ready for reopening

The Purple Platypus in Lewisburg will be closing as of May 29, according to a post on social media.

LEWISBURG — The Purple Platypus in Lewisburg will close on May 29, according to a post on the store’s Facebook page and a sign on the door.

Tabitha Geise, a second-generation owner of Purple Platypus at 335 Market St., said in the post on social media that the demands of running the shop have become too much and she wants to focus on her family. Geise was unable to be reached for additional comment.

“We just don’t have the words, but I’ll keep trying just to tell you how incredibly grateful I am and my team is for each and every one of you, and believe me when I say you were always our gift,” she wrote on Facebook.

The store was opened by Geise’s mother-in-law Jody Geise from 1988 to 2015. Tabitha Geise took over ownership in 2011.

“All of this experience was made possible by my mother-in-law who braved the paths way ahead of me,” wrote Geise. “She made The Purple Playtpus a very special part not just of people’s days but of people’s lives. A week does not go by without learning how much the shop meant to someone from years ago because of her. Growing up Platypus is said on a regular basis and it is humbling to learn of each and every connection.”

The post gathered many well wishes from supporters.

“The Purple Platypus has been a place that my family and I have enjoyed over the many years,” said Aulii Fuller in the comment section. “I am saddened though to hear that you will be moving on, I know it wasn’t an easy decision.”

“My kiddos love your store and I’m selfishly feeling like their childhood is going away,” said Jessica Oberlin. “But we completely respect and understand your decisions for your best life! All our best blessings to you and your family.”

Customers, co-workers, employees, family, friends and supporters were thanked in the post by Geise as well.

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