SUNBURY -- Think all the ghost rumors surrounding the Hotel Edison in Sunbury are just a bunch of hocus-pocus?

Well the resident ghosts might show you otherwise if you ever go to the hotel for a drink or dinner, according to a local paranormal investigator.

When I arrived at the hotel on a rainy Friday night a few weeks ago, I thought I was reporting on a ghost talk by investigator Kevin Tersavige, of Danville. Instead, I found myself in the middle of a two-hour-long ghost hunt.

Mr. Tersavige did give a short talk about the types of paranormal activity in the Hotel Edison -- intelligent hauntings -- and what we might find when the group explored rooms upstairs and in the basement.

Ghosts who still have the intelligence and attitude they had when alive qualify as intelligent hauntings, he said.

"There's one in a room upstairs who's really cranky," Mr. Tesavige said. "And one in the basement has a bad attitude. But that seems to be the safer of the two."

Safer? How much harm could these supposed ghosts do?

"For your own safety in the building, I recommend sitting where there's nothing hanging over you, like a light," he warned. "Be ready for any kind of interaction."

He said he had called in backup ghost hunters to be on the safe side.

Yes, we had extra security on guard to protect us from the Hotel Edison spirits. Each of the four ghost hunters had a walkie-talkie in case the ghosts became dangerous and we had to make a run for it.

OK, I'll admit that made me start to worry. If one of these things started playing pranks on us, how fast could I get out of there juggling my briefcase, notebook and camera?

Mr. Tersavige said there was usually someone in the group described as a weak link, someone ghosts know they can get a reaction out of. I sure didn't want to be that person, though it would make for a great story.

If one of these ghosts did decide to tickle my arm or stroke my hair, I was ready, and joined the group going upstairs to contact the cranky ghost named Ramona.

"There were footsteps in front of me in the basement and we picked up on some kid ghosts in the building," Mr. Tesavige said as we divided up into groups of amateur ghost busters. "So just keep snapping your camera the whole time you're here to see if any ghosts come out on pictures.

"And remember to tell them to stay here or they might follow you home.

"Ghosts can get very territorial if they feel comfortable with you."

That's all I needed -- a ghost coming home with me! I'm already afraid of the dark; looked like I'd be making a late-night run to a store for more night lights.

Half the group headed upstairs to meet Ramona, while the rest went to the basement.

The room we entered did indeed look like a haunted hang-out. There were buckets and furniture pieces scattered on the floor as if construction work was started and never finished.

As we fumbled around in the dark, a metal rod went crashing to the floor when someone bumped into the bathroom door it was leaning against.

The scene was set perfectly: a group of scaredy-cats crouching on overturned buckets furiously snapping pictures in a dark, musty room.

Now all we needed was for one of these ghosts to actually come out.

"Ramona, could you let us know if you're here by making a tapping noise for us?" one of the ghost hunters said aloud.

"We're not here to scare you, we hope you'll come out and be with us."

Every few minutes, we zoomed in on our digital photos to look for any little white dots that would represent orbs, which Mr. Tesavige said was a ball of just enough energy for the ghost to manifest itself.

Unfortunately, we weren't seeing any.

When we went down to the basement, we walked through a narrow hallway and stepped over chairs, bicycles and boxes stored there, waiting for something to happen.

The most we got was when some people in the group reported their hair was being lightly tousled.

Then I thought I felt something tickle my neck. Just my imagination or was something really there?

Over 270 pictures later, I told the ghosts to "stay here" and left the Hotel Edison.

When I loaded my digital photos on my computer, I'm pretty sure I recognized some orbs in the pictures.

Or maybe I just need to clean the dust off my camera lens.

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