MIDDLEBURG — The Borough Council proposal to ban parking on the north side of Main Street has at least one merchant worried that it could impact businesses.

Borough Administrator Elizabeth Paige said the council is considering prohibiting parking on the north side of Main Street between North Creamery Avenue and Market Street after receiving complaints about the limited visibility at crosswalks near the Midd-West School campus and Middleburg Hotel.

"They asked me to contact all the business owners in the area" and notify them of the council's plan to review the proposal at its public meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday, said Paige who sent notices about the proposed ordinance to about 12 Main Street businesses.

Miller Travel Agency owner Amie Miller raised concerns about limiting parking, Paige said.

In a Facebook posting, Miller encouraged others to attend the public meeting Tuesday to voice their opinion and help find an alternative solution.

"This could negatively affect local business in our community, as well as, residential homes who will now have to find somewhere else to park," she wrote. "I want to see our community grow and thrive. Such restrictions would not only inhibit business from coming here but also force some to move to a more receptive area where parking is not an issue. I do have a building in the back of my property that I could tear down and provide parking, however, while that solves my problem, it would not be for the greater good of the community."