A bid to reclassify the jobs and increase the pay of four Snyder County Domestic Relations employees is getting a lukewarm response from the county salary board.

Board Chairman Joe Kantz agreed with President Judge Michael T. Hudock's proposal to increase the 32 1/2-hour work week to 35 hours for Domestic Relations Director Wendy Erdley and employees Beth Arbogast, Wanda Shaffer and Karen Varner, but he balked at increasing their pay.

"Their jobs haven't changed drastically," he said, noting that they aren't eligible for more step increases in their pay, but still receive annual cost-of-living increases. "It's unfair to taxpayers."

Erdley explained that many of her employees have worked for the county for two to three decades.

"I don't know how else to keep valuable staff," she said.

Kantz countered that the county staff is paid about $2 more per hour than the statewide average of $17.34.

Hudock said the pay raises would be covered by state reimbursement and incentive funds the Domestic Relations department receives each year .

"This can be done without cost to the county," he said.

Commissioner Peggy Chamberlain Roup said the employees should get a bump in pay since they are all required to cross-train and take on more responsibilities.

Commissioner Lee Knepp said he was "not prepared to vote" on the matter. The issue will be brought back to the board on Dec. 5.

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