HUMMELS WHARF — Titan Tactical Strength and Conditioning, a private service for personal and group fitness training, opened in Snyder County with a pledge to be available around the clock.

“I told a couple (emergency medical technicians) recently if you want to work out at 3 a.m., I’ll be here for you at 3 a.m.,” said Titan Tactical’s founder, Matt Heintzelman, 28, of Selinsgrove. “We’re available when you’re available.”

Titan Tactical is at 3180 N. Old Trail inside a commercial building shared with Billing’s Vending Services. Its private space measures at 2,200 square feet. It isn’t an open gym. There are no membership fees.

Clients register by appointment only for one-on-one training or group sessions. The larger the group, the cheaper the cost. Time slots are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, according to Heintzelman.

Among the active groups is Women on Weights. Members meet three times a week for a full hour for strength training. Another group meets for TRX workouts using suspension training equipment and body weight.

“When you’re here, you’re in an environment that’s nurturing but pushes you,” said Alaina Liesenfeld, of Selinsgrove, between reps at a squat rack.

She said she’s grown stronger through the Women on Weights program, adding 10 to 15 pounds to the bar when squatting since she began.

Anthony Hauck, strength coach, said Titan Tactical focuses on good technique. Accountability is built in for clients who work out in groups. He said they don’t want to let each other down.

“It’s a great environment, especially for beginners,” Hauck said. “It definitely helps you push past the limit more than you ever thought you could.”

Heintzelman is a certified trainer and since Titan Tactical opened in October, a small business owner. He’s also a volunteer firefighter.

A major component of Titan Tactical’s business plan is to offer specialized fitness training to first responders: police officers, emergency medical services, firefighters, military personnel.

All first responders receive free fitness assessments towards developing a workout routine specific to the individual.

Heintzelman said he’s specially certified to train first responders.

He cited data emphasizing first responders are a demographic that can struggle with health issues related to lack of exercise and obesity.

“When you’re a firefighter or police officer, you need to have stamina, long-distance endurance. You need to be able to perform your job over a long period of time. You need to have the power to be able to lift something, lift a person sometimes, very quickly and rapidly,” Heintzelman said of the importance for first responders to exercise regularly.

Hauck opened Titan Tactical with the support of the Bucknell University Small Business Development Center. He had an idea for a business and that was about it, he said. The SBDC helped define his business plan, assist in finding lenders and seek out commercial property.

The late Reed Byrum was one of the SBDC advisers who helped guide Heintzelman. Byrum died in October on cancer at the age of 71. Heintzelman said he hopes his business is one way Byrum’s legacy at SBDC can live on.

“He seemed more excited about my business than I was sometimes. He was a very charismatic guy,” Heintzelman said.

Find Titan Tactical on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook: @titantacticalsc. Visit the business webpage at for more about pricing and scheduling.

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