SELINSGROVE — A New York woman posted bail one day after her arrest on accusations she raped a woman inside her Susquehanna University dorm room as she packed belongings to move to new on-campus housing.

Pratigya Thakur, 19, of Bronx, was released Tuesday from Snyder County Prison after posting $10,000 cash bail. She was enrolled as a student as of the spring semester, a university spokesman said.

Officer Francis Petrovich, Selinsgrove Borough Police Department, arrested Thakur on Monday on a felony charge of rape, two misdemeanor charges of indecent assault and a summary charge of harassment.

The alleged rape occurred between 9 and 10 p.m. May 16 inside a residence hall. The accuser made the allegation to the university’s Public Safety Department on May 29. Borough police met with the accuser June 6 at the request of a Residence Life employee.

According to arrest papers, Thakur allegedly forced herself on the accuser and performed unwanted sexual acts.

The accuser told police both she and Thakur had consumed alcohol and marijuana prior to the alleged incident, arrest papers state.

The accuser said she remembered singing and dancing in the dorm room before laying on Thakur’s bed because clothing and other items were on the other bed ahead of the move, arrest papers state.

According to arrest papers, the accuser said she drank more alcohol than usual and recalled feeling Thakur touch her in what she thought was an attempt to move her aside to make room on the bed and fall asleep herself.

The accuser told police she awoke to Thakur on top of her. She tried to wiggle free, moved her head to avoid a kiss and attempted to use her arms to block Thakur but her strength was weakened from intoxication, arrest papers state.

According to arrest papers, Thakur forced sexual contact between the two as the accuser “closed her eyes and tried to (be) somewhere else in her mind.”

The accuser recalled stating “what no” and saying she didn’t like what was happening before Thakur told her to leave and allegedly pushed the woman to the floor, arrest papers state.

Aaron Martin, vice president for Marketing and Communications, Susquehanna University, confirmed Thakur was enrolled as a student as of the spring semester. Citing privacy laws, he wouldn’t comment on if Thakur went through a student conduct judicial process and what the potential result was.

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