MIDDLEBURG — Snyder County Commissioner Joe Kantz is alerting residents to be cautious if they are approached with a proposal from a solar company. 

The warning is the result of a call Kantz received from a western county farmer who said he received an offer from a New York City-based solar firm offering him $1,000 per acre to place solar panels on 25 acres of land.

Kantz did not identify the company or the farmer. A similarly named solar company also approached someone in the real estate business about finding farmland, he said.

The farmer said he was informed by the company representative that the deal they were offering him was protected because the firm was bonded by the county.

County planning commission director Lincoln Kaufman said he has not been contacted by any firms and that the county does not bond companies.

The farmer made attempts to locate the firm and has not been able to do it, Kantz said. 

"Before you enter into any agreement call an attorney," he said.


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