Medical Marijuana

SHAMOKIN DAM — INSA LLC has started growing medical marijuana at its state-approved, 38,400-square-foot plant on the Sunbury Generation property.

The Massachusetts-based firm led by Peter Gallagher is among 21 marijuana-growing companies in Pennsylvania, said Department of Health spokesman Nate Wardle. Fourteen of them are shipping products to approved dispensaries.

INSA's facility has been operational since Jan. 31, Wardle said.

"The facility is top-notch," said Shamokin Dam Borough Manager Ed Hovenstine.

Gallagher has hired a director of operations, security manager, head and assistant grower who are now on the job. More security staff, managers and employees will be added when the lab and post-harvest production is operational.

"We expect to have between 50 and 75 employees," he said.

No formal contracts have been signed designating where the product will be sent, but Gallagher said he has reached out to the Nature's Medicines dispensary in nearby Hummels Wharf.

The Shamokin Dam facility becomes the second active grower in the Valley. Green Thumb Industries was awarded a grower/processor permit as part of the first phase of the program. It began growing in early 2018. Another grower plant has been approved in Northumberland County but has not yet opened.

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