Police car


State police seized nearly $17 million in illegal drugs in the final three months of 2018 troopers announced Monday.

From October 1 through December 31, state police seized nearly 224 pounds of cocaine and 26 pounds of heroin. The street value of cocaine was more than $4 million.

State troopers also confiscated almost 50 pounds of fentanyl. In its purest form, even a small amount of fentanyl can cause a severe and potentially deadly reaction, putting users, people close to them, and first responders at risk. The illegal opioids have a combined street value of $1,498,430.

In 2018, The Pennsylvania State Police removed over $66 million in prohibited drugs from the highways and communities of the commonwealth, including 197 pounds of heroin and fentanyl.

Fourth quarter drug seizure totals

Drug Total seized Total value of seizure
Cocaine 223.83 pounds $4,028,940
Crack cocaine 2.63 pounds $118,350
Heroin 26.01 pounds $702,270
Fentanyl 49.76 pounds $796,160
LSD 88 doses $1,760
Marijuana-Liquid 507.03 pints $3,397,101
Marijuana-Solid 32.19 pounds $160,950
Marijuana plants 733 plants $120,945
Processed Marijuana 470 pounds $1,410,990
Methamphetamines 135.78 pounds $5,431,200
MDMA-Ecstasy 2.20 pounds $75,000
MDMA-Pills 278 pills $4,170
Other narcotics 4.41 pounds $10,143
Other narcotics-pills 28,963 pills $724,075