Lewisburg borough

Market Street in Lewisburg.

LEWISBURG — Borough council adopted a proposed budget for 2020 with spending and revenue balanced at $3,047,367.16, a near 11-percent increase over the 2019 budget of $2,750,238.30.

The budget increase is due, in part, to planned street repairs totaling an estimated $650,000, according to Borough Manager William Lowthert.

A comparison of budget figures from 2019 and 2020 show revenue is up due to the receipt of grant funds related to the repairs along with engineering costs associated with flood mitigation along Bull Run, construction of which is planned for 2021.

There was a bump in expenses for legal costs, slight raises for employees, increased cost of contracted services and maintenance during storm emergencies and the aforementioned street projects.

The proposed 2020 budget is available for public inspection at www.lewisburgborough.org. Council is expected to vote on a final version at the next regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. Nov. 19.

The following streets are to be repaired next year:

  • St. Paul Street west of Fairground Road (including Breeze Drive)
  • Brown Street from Malcolm Street to the railroad crossing
  • Sections of St. Louis Street near South Eighth Street and Route 15
  • North 12th Street just south of Buffalo Road
  • Walker Street and Loomis Street from South Seventh Street to University Avenue
  • Wagner Alley from Bell Alley to St. Louis Street and Bell Alley from South Seventh Street to South Sixth Street
  • Cherry Alley from Route 15 to North Seventh Street and 50 feet of Currant Alley
  • Hazel Tree Alley at St. John Street
  • Chestnut Tree Alley from St. John Street to Cherry Alley
  • Blackberry Alley from St. George Street to St. Catharine Street
  • Pear Tree Alley from St. Louis Street to St. Catharine Street.

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