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SELINSGROVE — Two Susquehanna University professors are hoping to start a conversation about gun control and the role some corporations play in politics by inviting the public and local governmental leaders to a screening of the film, “Making a Killing: Guns, Greed and the NRA.”

“This is an issue citizens need to talk about,” said Shari Jacobson, associate professor of anthropology.

Jacobson and her colleague, John Bodinger de Uriarte, are hosting a free screening of the documentary at 7 p.m. Tuesday, March 29, in Faylor Auditorium at Fisher Hall, followed by a discussion.

The film by Robert Greenwald examines the billion-dollar gun business’ impact on Americans and personal stories of victims of gun violence.

“One take-away from the film concerns the sway of large corporations in legislation. Citizens should discuss how they feel about this,” said Jacobson.

“Weapons’ manufacturers are a powerful lobby. It’s an industry that legislates itself. We can be polarized all we want, but we need to have a conversation about it,” said Bodinger de Uriarte.

Both hope to attract a diverse crowd willing to participate in a discussion about guns and the NRA.

They’ve also extended invitations to the screening to state Sens. John Gordner, R-27, of Berwick and Gene Yaw, R-23, of Loysalsock Township; state Rep. Fred Keller, R-85, of Kreamer; and county commissioners and borough council members from Snyder and Union counties.

“What’s the point of having the discussion with people on the same page?” asked Jacobson.

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