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An 18-year-old student threatened to kill classmates at SUN Area Technical Institute in Union County and mimicked using hammers and drills as weapons, according to criminal charges filed by New Berlin Police Department.

Officer Jacob Shipman charged Isaiah Collazo, of Lewisburg, with misdemeanor counts of terroristic threats and harassment along with summary counts of harassment and disorderly conduct.

The school’s assistant director, Doug Bertanzetti, told police Thursday that Collazo was serving a 10-day suspension, according to a criminal complaint. Bertanzetti contacted police and provided written statements from multiple “witnesses” with accusations against Collazo within a two-week period, the complaint states.

Among the allegations in the complaint are that Collazo pointed a drill at the back of a teacher’s head, pretended to use a drill as a gun from a loft area while aiming down at classmates, acted like he would strike a student from behind with a hammer, threatened to beat, stab or kill students with tools on several occasions, according to the court document.

Collazo admitted making threatening comments “and had an excuse for the comments” during a meeting with Bertanzetti and the suspect’s mother, according to the criminal complaint.

“Bertanzetti stated that he did not take their conversation seriously and fears that the threats could lead to physical actions,” Shipman wrote in the complaint.

Collazo’s address listed on charging documents would make him a resident of the Lewisburg Area School District.

Jennifer Hain, administrative director, SUN Tech, wouldn’t confirm Collazo’s home district, citing privacy concerns. The technical school accepts students from Lewisburg, Midd-West, Mifflinburg, Selinsgrove and Shikellamy school districts. SUN Tech is an all-day program for high school seniors.

She did say an automated phone message was sent to parents last week to make them aware of a police investigation and to ensure them SUN Tech was safe.

“If we do get a comment in regard to causing harm to other individuals, we normally consult with police to investigate and give them the information we do have,” Hain said.

Shipman filed charges Monday at the office of Mifflinburg District Judge Jeffrey Mensch. That day, a court summons was issued ordering Collazo appear Nov. 5 for a preliminary hearing before Mensch.

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