SUNBURY — With the projected grand opening of the new Sunbury Police Department coming at the end of the month, officers and city officials are excited.

City Administrator Derrick Backer said Sunbury is looking forward to Oct. 29 when it is scheduled to open the station and have officers begin to slowly move into their new home.

“The renovation of the new police station has gone quickly given the material shortages that everyone is currently facing,” Backer said. “We have been able to keep material costs down by finding alternative, reliable, less expensive materials to use in order to spend taxpayer dollars efficiently. Everyone involved has done a great job and I am excited to see the final product.”

The soon-to-be-new home of the Sunbury Police Department continued to be ahead of schedule and the building on Arch Street is just about wrapped up minus a few details, officials said.

Gary Gill, project manager for Hepco Construction, Selinsgrove, who was awarded the $829,235 project, said crews are ahead of schedule.

Sunbury Police Chief Brad Hare is also happy.

“We will still have to wait for some IT projects to be completed,” Hare said. “But we are all excited to be in our new home.”

Hare said his officers have started bringing the new furnishings to the new station.

“Everyone is really getting excited now,” he said. “It’s coming down to the wire.”

Construction on the department’s new station, called the Sunbury Police Department — The Jesse C Woodring III Memorial Building, at 337 Arch St., began in late April and has continued to progress at a rapid pace.

The 5,900-square-feet building was completely gutted, the building got a complete electrical overhaul, cameras and high-speed internet were installed. The facility will house offices, patrolman rooms, locker rooms, a state-of-the-art evidence room and two holding areas with interview rooms for suspects.

Councilman Jim Eister said he checks on the progress often.

“We are all ready for the move,” he said. “I said before that starting fresh with a totally renovated building for the department is great. It’s also great for the residents.”

The city agreed to purchase the structure from the late Jesse Woodring’s estate last April. Over several months, city officials secured $125,000 in funding for the building and $775,000 in funding for the construction.

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