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SUNBURY — Two Sunbury police officers are now officially ranking members of the department after being promoted by City Council.

Cpl. Travis Bremigen is now a sergeant and officer Brad Slack is now a corporal. 

Bremigen, who has been with the department since 2003, and Slack, who has been with the department since 2010 were promoted earlier this week after Chief Brad Hare said he was building the structure of the department.

Slack will receive a salary increase of $1,500 making his annual salary $71,880.

Bremigen will also receive a $1,500 raise bringing his salary to $73,380. 

Bremigen, Slack and Chief Brad Hare along with officers Keith Tamberelli, Trey Kurtz, Aaron Doyle, and Terry Ketchum make up the rest of the department. 

The only officer to leave the department was Earl Johnson, who resigned late last year.

Hare said he was happy to move the department forward.

"These are two veteran officers that bring a lot of knowledge to the command staff," Hare said. "They are respected within the department and community."

Bremigen, who is the lead investigator on the homicide case of Barbara Miller, the Sunbury woman who went missing in 1989, also was the arresting officer in the twisted case of Miranda and Elytte Barbour, the Selinsgrove couple who murdered a Port Trevorton man in 2013, just for the thrill of it.

Bremigen worked on the Barbour case for countless hours until he was able to make the arrests on the Barbour's in December 2013. 

Bremigen said he was also thankful to the city.

"I will continue to serve the community with respect," Bremigen said. "I appreciate the faith the city and residents have in me and us as a department."

Slack said he wanted to thank city officials.

"I want to thank the city for the opportunity and my family for their support," Slack said. "I will continue to work hard to advance the department and the growing respect from the community."

Mayor Kurt Karlovich said the department is coming along.

"This is another necessary step of restructuring our command staff and moving our department forward together."

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