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This 2016 Daily Item File Photo shows a wide shot of Sunbury. 

SUNBURY — Sunbury now joins the multitude of other cities vying for a chance to have a "town takeover."

"Think Sunbury," a 2 minutes and 35-second video, was submitted to HGTV pitching producers of a developing television series to choose Sunbury for a town-wide makeover. “Home Town Takeover” will fix-up a single town — select homes, businesses and public parks — for a special six-episode series planned to premiere in 2021, according to

City Administrator Jody Ocker said she received a call from city resident Fran Zartman.

"I got a call from Fran (Zartman) and she saw the contest and asked if the city would want to be part of it," Ocker told city council at Monday's meeting.

"I told her absolutely and we filled out the application and I called a friend of mine."

That friend, Steven Patterson, of Patterson Media Team, of Sunbury, jumped at the chance and the three began to work on the video.

Ocker played the video for council Monday night.

"We are awesome here in Sunbury so, even if it is a small chance we get selected, who cares," she said. "We gave it a shot."

The video goes from the early days in Sunbury and shows the city as a booming place with several businesses, including the Edison Hotel.

From there it shows a decline after shopping malls began to be built and businesses leaving the city. Several vacant properties in the city are shown throughout the video.

"I think it is a great promotion factor for our city," said Councilman Josh Brosious "This shows what the city offers and shows what the city needs."

Patterson and Zartman were both in attendance Monday night to premier the video which can be found on

Shamokin has also entered the contest.

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