Coffee truck set to hit the road

Third Wind Coffee Co. owners Marty M. and Jessica Beninsky stand in front of the vehicle set to take their coffee on the road.

TREVORTON — Third Wind Coffee Co. owners Marty M. and Jessica Beninsky are taking their coffee on the road.

The Trevorton couple has purchased a truck, adorned it with their company logo and will be selling their roasted coffee in different locations around the Valley.

“We were going to launch at the Fall Festival in Trevorton, but that’s off because of COVID,” said Jess Beninsky.

Marty Beninsky, an emergency room nurse, started roasting coffee and selling five flavors online at in 2018.

The idea came one day when he and the co-owner of a real estate company, Tyler Bonawitz, purchased their first property from a coffee roaster.

The name for the proposed coffee roasting came next when ­— while remodeling another one of their properties ­— Bonawitz mentioned he needed a second wind.

“I said I needed a third wind,” Beninsky said.

Not long after that he suffered a lawnmower injury that put him out of work for about three weeks and he put together a business plan.

Along with his wife, Bonawitz and his father, Marty P., they put the former coffee roaster’s equipment to use in their Trevorton home and began making coffee and selling it online.

“All of our focus has been on social media. Getting eyes on our brand has been difficult,” said Beninsky, who decided to put his products on the road. “There’s less overhead with a coffee truck than a brick-and-mortar shop.”

From the truck, the couple will be selling ready-brewed roasted coffee as well as lattes and cold-brewed coffee.

Beninsky hopes to roll out the truck for the first time at the Food Truck Frenzy event in Shamokin on Oct. 31 and later have a consistent presence in areas around the Valley. 

The first semi-permanent location they’ll be setting up is in the English Garden parking lot in Riverside. A date has not yet been set.

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