Eun Soon Kohler of Korea and two other Korean woman were arraigned in front of District Judge John Reed on charges of prostitution at the Four Seasons Spa in Lewisburg at 11:45 p.m. More details later today.

LEWISBURG - State police broke up an alleged prostitution ring at the same Lewisburg area massage parlor they closed down for similar offenses nearly two years ago.

State police at Montoursville cooperated with local state police in the effort to go undercover at the Four Seasons Spa, 36 Silvermoon Lane, just off Route 15 north of Lewisburg.

Eun Soon Kohler, 53, of Palmerton, Ae Song, 53, of Los Angeles,  and Suji Kim, 64, of Flushing N.Y., were arrested after undercover officers entered the massage parlor and were offered sexual services for money.

The women were arraigned before District Judge John Reed of Selinsgrove at around 11:45 p.m. Tuesday and placed in Snyder County Prison in lieu of $50,000 bail,

According to arrest papers, two undercover state troopers entered the establishment and received a massage for $80.

After the massage was completed Song and Kohler touched the troopers and asked, “what they would pay and motioned their hands toward their mouths insinuating oral sex,” police wrote in court documents.

Troopers said they had $80 and the women exited the room and returned a short time later with a condom, court documents said.

The woman placed the condom on the troopers at which point the officers declined any further contact with the women, documents said.

The trooper exited the room and advised the women he was there working undercover. Several other troopers surrounding the building and the women were arrested and taken into custody, documents said.

During the interview process, Suji told police she was working at the spa for only six days and she only knows the owner as “Ms. Kim,” police said.

Suki said she cooks and cleans, while Song told police that she receives $70 for an hour massage and she puts the money in an envelope which is kept in a separate room.

Song said she does not get paid by the owner and the only money she receives is from tips given to her by customers, police said.

Song denied offering sex for money, documents said.

Kohler told a different story and said she was only working at the establishment for the past four days and that her husband brought her there and she does not know who owns the business, but she was allowed to receive $10 for a massage, police said.

Kohler also denied offering sex for money.

Police interviewed Kim and she told them she answered a newspaper ad looking for someone to cook and clean and she has been at the spa for a month, police said.

Kim stated she receives $500 a week for her services and that she doesn’t know the owner, police said.

Kim said a person arrives once a week and pays her in cash and that the girls come and go every three weeks, documents said.

Kim said she had no idea women were engaging in prostitution and that “what they do in their rooms is their business,” police said.


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