LEWISBURG — An East Buffalo Township plow truck driver escaped serious injury after an accident at the Bucknell University entrance on Route 15 Friday.

According to Stacey Kifolo, East Buffalo Township manager, the township plow truck driver was traveling eastbound across State Route 15 from Smoketown Road to Moore Avenue around 11 a.m.

A tractor-trailer carrying vehicles was traveling northbound on State Route 15 and due to the traffic signal being in flash operation because of inclement weather it allowed the right-of-way to State Route 15 traffic, Kifolo said.

Kifolo did not give a condition on the truck driver.

"It was the snowplow on the township truck that likely saved our driver or at least prevented serious injury," she said. "The plow was the only thing that prevented the driver side of the truck cab from slamming into the pavement when the truck rolled to its side. Ironically, it appears that the plow will be the only thing that will go back into service."

Kifolo said the township was grateful for the calls received from concerned residents. 

Lane restrictions along Route 15 stayed in place for nearly an hour but traffic was able to slowly work through the northbound lane of Route 15, but the entrance to Bucknell University remained closed while emergency responders cleared the scene.

A representative from the Buffalo Valley Regional Police said he was unsure if there would be a report on the incident on Friday night.

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