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SUNBURY — One person is in serious condition and an 18-year-old woman is in jail following an early morning stabbing in Memorial Acres, Sunbury Police said.

Samantha Barge, 18, of Susquehanna Avenue, Sunbury, is jailed on $200,000 cash bail after appearing before Sunbury District Judge Mike Toomey on Friday morning on charges of felony aggravated assault.

Police said the incident began when officers were dispatched at around 2:10 a.m. to Memorial Acres for a report of a male being stabbed, according to a search warrant signed by Toomey.

The warrant said when officers arrived they found a male, later identified as Rashah Johnson, on the road with a “gushing wound in his neck.” A spokesperson at Geisinger Medical Center, in Danville, said there was no information available about Johnson.

Sgt. Travis Bremigen said the incident is unrelated to the series of incidents that have been occurring in the city.

Police interviewed witnesses at the scene and they identified Barge as the person who stabbed Johnson and then ran away on foot, police said.

Johnson was able to speak to police briefly and told them he and Barge were arguing about “something stupid” when she pulled out a butterfly knife and stabbed him in the neck and ran away, police said.

Police located Barge at a home on Susquehanna Avenue. When they went to the residence they discovered her with wet hair and clean clothes as if she had just taken a shower, police said.

Police asked another person in the Susquehanna Avenue residence where the suspect’s clothing was located and police discovered what appeared to be fresh blood on it, according to the warrant. Police also said they discovered blood in a bathtub.

When police spoke with Barge and told her she was being detained, she laughed, according to the warrant.

When Barge was taken to the police station, officers said she told police she was inside the apartment when Johnson became jealous and when she left he followed her outside, according to court documents.

Johnson got the woman on the ground and straddled her before Barge told officers she warned him to get off or she would stab him, according to court documents.

When the man didn’t listen, Barge told officers she took out the knife and stabbed him, records show. Barge told police she left the scene and ditched the knife in a sewer drain on her way to Susquehanna Avenue, according to court documents.

Barge showed police which sewer drain it was and police retrieved the weapon with assistance from Sunbury sewer authority, police said.

Barge will appear before Toomey for a preliminary hearing at a later date.

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