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BLOOMSBURG — A 42-year old man faces criminal homicide, kidnapping and abuse of a corpse charges in connection with the abduction and murder of a 26-year old Bloomsburg woman.

Harold David Haulman, III, who is listed on court documents as a transient with no permanent address, faces charges in the death of Erica Shultz, Luzerne County detective and former state trooper Cpl. Shawn Williams, the arresting officer, said.

Police located the victim's body Sunday in Butler Township, Luzerne County. Investigators are now searching for murder weapons — a mallet hammer and knife — which may have been dropped near Milton. 

Shultz was reported missing Dec. 4 by her sister, Erin. Williams said the investigation was initiated on Dec. 4 by the Bloomsburg Police Department when officers spoke to the Shultz family.

Three days later, on Dec. 7, police spoke to a friend of Shultz, who told officers Shultz wanted him to put a tracking device on her phone. When Shultz did not respond to his messages, he traced her phone to an area near Milton. The man contacted state police at Milton, who checked the area, but did not find anything, police said.

The friend told troopers Shultz told him about a man named "Dave," and that he was mean to his cat, according to court documents. The man said Shultz said she was going to be going out with him, and the friend said he advised against it.

Bloomsburg Police tracked Shultz's phone to Mill Road, near Potts Grove just east of Milton, but again, troopers searched the area and spoke to residents, but came up empty, according to police.

Police then discovered Shultz used dating websites and had met a man on the website MeetMe, according to police.

Through the investigation Shultz's cell phone was discovered to be linked to Haulman's phone number on Dec. 4, the night she went missing, Williams said.

The cell phones remained linked together until they traveled to the area near Milton, and that's when Shultz cell phone was no longer active, according to police.

Police began to interview known associates of Haulman and through a search warrant, were able to discover another phone number Haulman owned, police said.

The number was showing the phone was in Battle Creek, Michigan, police said. On Dec. 23, members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation made contact with Haulman outside a residence in Michigan, police said.

During the interview agents were able to place a GPS tracker on Haulman's vehicle, police said.

A follow-up interview was scheduled for Dec. 24, but Haulman never showed up and the phone he was using was powered off, police said.

Haulman headed back to Pennsylvania and was followed by agents, police said. On Dec. 25, Haulman was located in Duncannon, near Harrisburg, where his wife lives, police said.

On Dec. 26, Haulman sent his wife a message and police discovered Haulman walking along train tracks, according to court papers. Haulman was approached by officers and he pulled out a knife and cut his arm, police said.

Haulman was taken by ambulance to a hospital where he was met by FBI agents, Williams, and state police Tpr. Brian Noll.

During the interview, Haulman told law enforcement that he took Shultz to Hobbie Road, in Luzerne County near Berwick, after he surprised her at her house and picked her up on Dec. 4, police said.

Haulman and Shultz then went for a walk in the woods, and that's when Haulman said he hit her with a mallet hammer 12 times, and stabbed her with a three-inch knife 12 times before leaving, police said.

Haulman then drove to Route 15 and Route 147, near Milton, and disposed of the hammer and knife, police said. Haulman told authorities he also disposed of Shultz's cellphone near the Luzerne County murder scene, police said.

Haulman used a map on a phone to show officers exactly where Shultz's body was located, police said.

Haulman said he was never near Hobbie Road before and did not know why he picked that spot, police said.

Police executed a search warrant of the property near Hobbie Road on Sunday, and Shultz's body was discovered in a heavily wooded area, Williams said. The injuries to Shultz were consistent with what Haulman told police, investigators wrote in court documents.

Haulman was video-arraigned Sunday night by Drums District Judge Daniel O'Donnell in Luzerne County.

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