Danville crash

A red SUV crashed into the door of an apartment building in Danville this morning. No one was injured.

DANVILLE — A vehicle drove into the front door of an apartment building at about 11:45 a.m. Monday at Ferry and East Mahoning streets.

Nancy Styer told Danville police the brakes didn't work on her red Chevrolet Equinox, which hit the screen door of the building after colliding with a parked silver Chevrolet Cavalier.

No one was injured.

Contractor Brian Diehl owns the Cavalier.

"I saw it. I had just moved my car so she would get out. I stood by stopping traffic for her," he said.

Styer, 84, of 636 Columbia Hill Road, had just left a church meeting at one of the three apartments in the building owned by Joe Shipe. She was headed toward Ferry Street, Danville Patrolman Joseph Eister said. He said her vehicle was a 2018, while Diehl's was car was an older model.

There was damage to Diehl's front bumper, Eister said.

Diehl had been working in a building Shipe owns next door.

"My car stopped it from going any further," Diehl said.

Diehl planned to take off the screen door to check the damage. Eister said there was damage underneath to Styer's vehicle, which had to be towed.

Shipe said a woman living upstairs uses the door that was struck to enter the building.

Styer told Eister she had been wearing her seat belt. Eister said she wouldn't be cited.

Montour County Reporter