MIFFLINBURG — Renee Schweikart does not know who is angry with her.

She is not even sure the person is angry at her or if she is the victim of mistaken identity.

She only knows that last week, she discovered something extremely unpleasant on her car. Someone had defecated on her windshield.

“It was a complete shock,” she said Tuesday.

The crime happened after 11 p.m. Wednesday and before 8 a.m. Thanksgiving Day at her home in the Pine Valley Trailer Park, West Buffalo Township, Union County.

When she first discovered the mess, she thought someone had played a gross prank on her. But after a few phone calls, she could find no one willing to admit to the act. So she called state police at Milton.

A trooper arrived and took her information. Then left.

“He said, ‘Good luck cleaning up the mess,’ ” Ms. Schweikart said.

She put on gloves and removed the offending deposit from her windshield and took her car to a car wash.

Almost a week later, she has no clue why she was targeted. The only theory she could provide is that someone else who lives near her has a similar car. She wondered if the crime was supposed to target that person.

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