Several former Wood-Mode employees met with Gov. Tom Wolf, State Sen. John Gordner and State Rep. Lynda Schlegel Culver on Tuesday to discuss a course of action following the custom cabinet makers closure earlier this month.

The meeting was initiated by Sunbury attorney Joel Wiest.

“I sincerely believe that all involved are extremely concerned with the well-being of all former Wood-Mode employees at this time," Wiest said. “After various concerns were brought to the attention of these officials, we discussed an approach attempting to assist the people previously employed by Wood-Mode.”

Wiest said three courses of action emerged from the meeting, including informing former employees of state benefits available, including unemployment, reemployment services and health insurance and retirement issues; urging legal authorities, including the state Attorney General to investigate if current owners have violated any laws; and searching for a new buyer. "

"The Governor and the state legislative delegation remain extremely concerned about the current situation," Wiest said. "The quality of work the former employees performed made the Wood-Mode brand a leader in the cabinet business nationwide and all involved will continue their efforts to ensure the former employees’ rights are protected and try to find the best possible solution to this very unfortunate turn of events."

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