I am vehemently opposed to hearings and further investigations regarding abuses in questioning of terrorists and terrorists suspects.

There is no shortage of reasons for my belief that this is unnecessary and another waste of taxpayer time and money and is nothing more than partisan politics.

We are not dealing with a traditional military enemy. What I mean by this is we are not bound by the Geneva Convention. These enemies are not officers and gentlemen nor the "enlisted men honorable soldiers following their leaders' orders in a belief of nationalistic pride."

They are murderers who will blow up anyone and anything in their way indiscriminately, including women and children and themselves.

If only one of these interrogations was effective in foiling an attack, it was worth it. Do we need anymore of our buildings and people who are at work or at home who are not fighting a war killed?

We may have waterboarded somebody, but we have never beheaded them on our national television networks like these animals have.

Unless you are the most naive or clueless individual alive — and with Pelosi, Reid, et al, this is actually not unbelievable — you had to know of at least some of these things through briefings. If you want to assign blame and prosecute, then go after everybody.

Harry Prentiss, Sunbury

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